Virgo man in love understanding compatibility

She craves for admiration and certainly deserves it. If treated properly she carries gracious warmth and alluring sensuality in her persona but if misbehaved then she is one of the most cruel and hot-tempered woman of all Zodiac Signs. She is rather a very sentimental woman and when in love she desires consistent appreciation and praise to keep her spirit burning well.

Though she always respects the dignity and superiority of her lover but she never considers herself anyways less then him. If any man wants to change her, he has to do it slowly through almost non-existing hints and ideas. Though Leo woman is very different from the Virgo man, she feels a very strong attraction towards him. She has a very different expression of love for her Virgo man which is lavish and even showy.

She is consumed with the romance of the relationship. For some out of this world reason, when a bond forms between these two zodiac signs, it is a love that fuses together in just the right combination. When she treats him good, she finds him friendlier and much more extrovert in behavior in which he portrays himself. She is one lady who is capable of bringing out the most creative and adventurous side of him. Virgo man always finds Leo woman irresistibly gorgeous and independent woman. He is a man who is, by character, shy to a point where he finds it hard to show public affection for his Leo lady and even sometimes needles her about her terrible habits.

She needs the attention and admiration to keep her insecurities from building up. She spends extravagantly and is quite the social butterfly. But he expresses love by laying solid groundwork for the partnership they both share. He also teaches her to be more stable and practical regarding life and love. With a bit of a change in their attitudes to fit each other will be beneficial to them both.

When the burning passion of Leo woman and stable love of Virgo man blend together, they make a beautifully enticing relationship. Their differences make their relationship more exciting with lots to learn from each other. She brings spark and spirits to his life while he dissolves her arrogance to make her a warmer and caring woman.

The dreams they build are colorful and more practical that gives both of them a reason to share even more smiles in their relationship. The fragrance of their love fills the air around them with glittery happiness of togetherness to be cherished for the lifetime. The sexual relationship between Leo woman and Virgo man is one that cannot go on without good communication both mentally and emotionally. Her anger and cold response to that causes him to be even more discouraged. This causes problems in their relationship.

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They both need to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. He is on the passive and subdued side of this spectrum, whereas she is more aggressive and passionate in her lovemaking. She needs to calm herself a bit and come to realize that passion can be felt in a more serene state of mind also. On the other hand, he needs to realize that sex is not just a controlled meeting of two people who exchange a bit of affection and then go about their lives normally again rather it is the most beautiful form of expressing love to the spouse.

He needs to be more free and more fervor in his actions to bring about the real essence of love making. The relationship of Leo woman and Virgo man has to go through a lot of rough patches to actually make it work. Virgo man, although it is not easy for him, needs to be more complimenting and less critical of his Leo lady and she has to try to be more generous and less arrogant. If he loves her and is willing to work toward keeping her, he has to realize her hunger for attention. She needs to understand that he goes through life needing everything to be perfect and in order.

To just go about her business, letting him worry about and work through all of the problems is a heavy burden on him. She should stop and try to get him to ease back and help him work out the problems with him. This will soothe his heavy tension and enhance his affectionate side for her. I met a Virgo and I am a Leo; I find that our relationship is passionate and that we have a lot in common. He is kind, gentle and romantic.

I say, go ahead, and see how things develop. It feels like it is working. I feel wonderful when he is near. He follows his friends too much, for me that made him look weak. My children are both Aquarius and we get along perfectly. They think that I am the most fun and funny intelligent person. I teach them constantly, and I place them in adoration.

They are very wise, affectionate, artistic and willing to please, and follow others, as imitators. That part still worries me. They are very impressionable. Tell her how wonderful she is. Tell her that she is wanted with you. Tom bracken The woman was a scammer they saturate the dating scene with both sexes. Sorry you came across one i have experienced many and thankfully they got nothing from me except a little hurt in the beginning. Wise up please. Well yes that was a fail, she took advantage of you and wasnt that serious to you at all.

Well im a leo female, i have an independent mindset. And i have a husband that is a control freak, taurus guy. But when we fight and asks me to give all his money back and send it to him i give it back like right away even tho i have rights to it cos he wont let me work and im stress for not having my own savings. Anyway, leo have pride.

In the next several months of many engaging, soon to become mutually loving and deeply intimate conversations, texts and emails expressing our devotion, loyalty and honorable hopes and lifelong prayers of what we had been discovering was this amazing person on the other end of these limited WiFi issues communications we were more and more frustrated with because of unknown forces not allowing more than 5 minute connections with newest Verizon iPhones I bought and sent her one and as noted earlier the worst WiFi.

I hope by now you see this woman was taking advantage of your kindness… Pray and ask God to send you the right woman to be your wife. You desire to have true love and respect!

She has proven to not be an honorable person. People will be all that you want them to be behind a computer screen. Reality was coming in fast and she could very well not be who she was portraying. She was a fake Leo. I am a Leo woman and I have a heart of gold, I would give away my last dollar if I felt that someone needed it more than myself. I pride myself on honesty and integrity. Being able to see other stories and read this piece here today was relaxing. We click in so many ways and a lot of time we seem perfect together but then there are times where we are like complete opposites or something and end up in an argument that eventually fizzles out.

I see this going long term but all these horoscopes are starting to get the best of me. Am I being silly or do I have a right to be worried? I am a Leo and my man is a Virgo. In the beginning I needed to get used to his very down-to-earth comments. I would take them to heart and feel he was being too critical. But he was only being logical in his mind.

My Virgo man notices everything being very observant. This may be just a man quality. When I get too feisty and mouthy he has a way of defusing the situation in his calmness.

As a Leo and Virgo we have a lot of fun together. Being a Virgo he keeps me grounded, which is a good thing. Lots of fire, he keeps me from burning down the place. Sometimes, he goes a while before responding. He gives me compliments, but I do admit to being the stereotype of needing reassurance and some flattery. But reading this article gives me a little better understanding as the the workings of a Virgo man. Thank you for writing this article! This article is incredible. I was sobbing through it. I will be reading this with him in the am. Thank you. Thank you!

My husband has always made me feel like the only woman in a room. I was taken aback at first by his cold attitude and hateful comments when we would argue. I told him flat out that he better change that crap, because once you say something you can NEVER take it back. I have read this article completely.

I am too a Virgo man and my wife is a Leo woman. Sometimes we have been facing some problems but after reading this article I realized to what kind of the Leo lady is and how to be treated in right manner to receive love and care from her. Honestly saying this article soothes my mind and soul to And all parts of confusion between me and my wife has gone quickly. I think we would be one of the most precious couple in the world at all. Thank you so much.. I have met the most amazing Virgo man. Yes, this article is totally, absolutely, positively true every single word.

This article have truly given me some incites concerning our relationship. I truly give all the Glory and Honor to God because every word I am truly living. I have accepted you as you are. That right there brought tears to my eyes. This article have describe the both of us.

He just recently pointed out that I was arrogant. It hurt my feelings, I cried, yes I did. He allowed me to go through it for a day. But in the end he called me back and apologized for being so rough on me. Because LOVE covers a multitude of sins. I received his apology. We have discussed who will be in control of money decisions. Of course, it is him. Believe every word of it. For the information is true.

I even knew about the sensitive part of him. I know that he carries things in his heart and will shut down when his heart is to heavy. Oh my God. I was reading this article with joy and tears at the same time because it gave me clarity and understanding concerning somethings we are facing now. So, now I know what to do to make this relationship work. Which I am learning that on a daily bases.

I am so glad we decided to get to know one another before we marry. Ladies, it does not hurt to bend a little. For it brings happiness and unspeakable joy. I beg the difference. Because he then will put his all into it. Know that it will work both ways. Meaning both desire is met. Hello, somebody.

Women we must work just as hard to keep them pleased and help. To the editor, Great report. Thank for the extra information to help me make my relationship with this wonderful, sensitive, compassionate, loyal, devoted, honest, heartfelt Love that has come my way. Now, I know how to keep his head turned and his heart happy. No stress.. No mess.. I will bring down and calm down the fusing.. I dated a Virgo man for 4 months. Our break-up was terrible in the end. During our dating time their were some great memories. So far, the only problems we had was communication on my end.

He shows me admiration, and gives me all sorts of praise that I enjoy from him; as well I show the same. Any advice to help us lead towards a longing relationship between us? I think in the end it really depends on not just his horoscope, but his personality in the first place.

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Whenever i made a comment on my facebook. So I have this close friend, we went on a trip together and ended up sharing a room. We were play fighting before bed and next thing I knew he had slipped his fingers in to my vagina and was fingering me so hard. Everything happened so fast, we were naked but we didnt have sex, I felt the tip of his penis touched but he stopped and said he cant do it.

So he basically just tease me. He said he dont do casual sex and neither do I. It wasnt awkward tho, we just laugh about it and talked. Im usually very conscious about myself but for some reason I felt really comfortable with him. I asked him why me if he sees me as a good friend and he said he wanted to see how far he can go and silly me allowed it to happen.

To be honest I felt disappointed with myself as I know im not that kind of girl and also I felt stupid for letting him. Things is a bit awkward but at the same time not really. He still acts like usual, however I not feel a bit conscious with the way I act with him because I dont want him to get the wrong idea as the other night when he went to bed early, and after a few minutes i did too and I think he thought that I was expecting something to happen again.

I am actually starting to question myself, what should I do? What does he want? Does he really consider me as a good friend? Why did he do it and what was his intentions? Note to everyone, if you want to know about compatibility, look up your moon sign. Sagittarius Moon and Libra Moon have a very good chance at a long, loving relationship. Both partners are friendly, tolerant, outgoing, idealistic and think the best of people. Where they differ is in their needs. Libra Moon needs more time with their partner than Sagittarius Moon may be willing to give. Sagittarius Moon has a strong independent streak, and they may find Libra a bit clingy.

Together, they have a great time out with friends or having adventures. When Sagittarius Moon goes off on one of their solitary adventures, Libra Moon may find themselves feeling abandoned and insecure. With these conflicts, both partners will need to make some concessions to be truly happy. If they are really attached to each other, they will make it work out to both their advantages. Their good times will far outweigh the bad, and Libra Moon will tolerate quite a bit in the name of diplomacy and tact.

He was from a better elite class. When I cannot go to the university I went to a university that I liked , he began to criticise me. I went to confide with my friends about it, they told me to ignore him. I feel that he is trying to play games with me. I hoped to get some advice here. Is he trying to play into my insecurity? Or just merely trying to play games with me? I feel the same too and i want to be with him too but we both have things going on.

Oh yeah, i almost forgot…So when you said your Venus is in Cancer, is Venus pertaining to certain traits or qualities how you are like in relationships? Its hard to find true love and when you find it hold on to it especially if it is worth holding on to. We have been together for a year and this is my third relationship with a Virgo. Now the difference between this relationship and the past ones is that we have open communication, understating and patience. In order for this relationship to work you have to basicly define the relationship and communicate the expectations as the relationship grows.

We have had our ups and downs in the year we have been together trust me it was not easy, but at the end of the day I know where my heart is and it is with him. Here is some advice look up your birth charts together and see all of the different components that make up who you are. So I would advised to know yourself first through your birth chart and then research Leo and Virgo characteristics. God Bless and I hope it works out for you. Know that any relationship can work with good communication and unconditional love.

Leo Women be honest with Virgo please even with the small things, Virgo men have to know their women inside and out. Im a leo woman and i just got out of a relationship with my first True Love he is a Virgo man. Sometimes it was hard to tell if he loved me or not because he rarely showed his emotions and feelings and told me how he felt until i left then everything came out. Its weird cause when i get around him all my worries and everything just disappears and i start gettin all warm and i just smile alot.

But its only been 10 months so far. He say our feelings bout certain things are mutual. I am a leo woman and just went on my first date with my virgo this wekend. It was an instant connection. I found myself being drawn to his quietness and soft romantic tendencies. He is almost the perfect virgo stereo type. I am just about on the mark for a leo woman minus the extravagant spending. The only thing that worries me is the chaos with my teenage kids in my house might drive him bonkers.

I felt so many of the things the article talks about right away with him. We hit it off for 3 months, got into a argument and he was gone basically. Talked to him couple months later because of me reaching out. Nothing bothers me more than to not know why something ended that i want soooo, of course. Last month i texted him tipsy dont know what to say, have a good night: , woke up the next morn like pleeeease tell me i didnt do it!!! Cause i had vowed to myself that i would never say anything else to this man UNLESS he makes a move call me 1st for once.

So i let it go, said nothin else and he called me 6 days later asking me how im doing, my daugher…. Ended up going over his house, a week later, doing the nasty, left out he was suppose to take me to the movies, the following day. We dont click when were apart, but ammmmmaaaazzzzziiiiiiinnnnnggggg when were together. Hello All, People talk about communication being key.

I am a Leo woman with a Virgo man and we have only just started going out. Any tips on how to communicate would be much appreciated. Especially in terms of how to handle disagreements. Handling arguments is good but it matters on the person in accepting their faults. Im a virgo man. Did you guys ever get back together and if so, how did it go.. From the trust issues to the bruses, to the make up sex.. Just was wondering how it went! Hi Everyone.. Let me just say that I first read this article about 4 months into this leo-virgo relationship.. I was so amazed that I read it to him and he said that he never really believed in astrology but it sounded like maybe it could all be true because he agreed that that was exactly how we were as a couple.

It has now been almost 2 yrs that we have been together. All aspects of our relationship are still the same. I have been ready to leave him over and over because I am a very beautiful woman.. If I am crying because of something that happened between us, he will just leave out the door and say that I need some time and space to get myself together. What I feel that I really need is for him to apoligize.. Not just leave me siting there with a borken heart. We have been living together almost since the day we first me. Let me also state that I am 31 yrs old and he is only 23 yrs old.

That is where another one of my problems comes in..


So I often ask myself and others, how much of what I am gong through is because of his age, and how many of these issues will work them self out over time as we both continue to grow. Another issue is that last year right around the time when i found out I was pregnant, we talked about geting married. He bought me a ring, and then a couple of months later we went an exchanged it for a wedding set so we could do it before the baby go here. She advised him not to get married and he slowly pushed back out wedding plans until now he is just saying that he is not ready because of money probs etc.

In other words.. This will be my 2nd by him. Of course after having my last daugher 8 months ago.. She tried to convince him to go and get a freaking vasectme how ever you spell that and I was so upset, because that is something that you dicuss with your partner.. I am so confused on what to do, because I have always wanted 5 — 6 kids.

This will be my 4th. I am an excellent mother.. I have been homeschooling my kids for 13yrs now and they are reading and writing in 8 different languages. Having a family, and being loving and dedicated to my man is what I am all about right now. So because of our leo-virgo differences, mostly him not showing me the affection and love and the fact that I am going on my 4th child, and he says he is not going to be ready for marriage any time soon. I want to get up and leave. We both agree that we love each other more than it seems from the problems we have. I just am unsure if he will ever be capable of filling my heart up with affection.


Sex usually comes down to.. Is it his age or the fact that our signs are just wrong for us to be together. I honestly think it is a combination of all of them and prob. But just any advice anyone could give me would be great. I love him and I would love to spend the rest of my life with him and our children, but I know that the day I walk out this door.. My Leo traits in full effect. Anyway if anyone even made it to reading all of this..

My love for him is making me stay, but my pride, ego, and heart tells me to move it along. Maybe at least until he is with out me and can choose if this is really what he wants or not. Thanks again.. I am also a Leo woman in an 18 month relationship with a Virgo man.

I am a single mother and he has no children. We do not live together. He has met some of my family, I have met no family members only a few buddies. I must say I do here form him every day. Find out here. There can be drastic age differences here, and relations built more on an exchange of information and power rather than a genuine affinity. He might write a passionate letter or text, but will act totally preoccupied when you see him in person, or behave in a way that belies any interest in you at all. His old-fashioned ways may seem positively archaic and stiff — but, like many men of the Victorian era, a modest and even parsimonious public persona might serve as a foil for an appetite that swings toward secret kinks.

This is a man that will take his time and be exceedingly exacting in his pleasure-giving. Only a Virgo man would live in such a perfectly arranged and meticulously organized home — which usually looks more like something from a film set than a home where anyone actually lives. Nothing pleases a Virgo man more than the opportunity to show off his gorgeously appointed living space to his guests, with every detail tailored specifically to his tastes — though he may ask you to take off your shoes and use a coaster for your drink.

Virgo Man Personality Traits, Love Compatibility, and Dating Advice

The Virgoan reputation for being a clean freak applies to the men born under this sign who have truly embraced and made room for who they really are — though there are exceptions to that rule. Some male Virgos leave the home to their counterparts to mess with, but their own workspaces and tool-sheds are impeccably set up and usually off-limits to anyone but themselves. Classic Virgo men may get teased for being a bit fussy with their things, but a beautiful and clean home is the sign of healthy Virgo — so just let him do his thing!

Everything must be labeled accordingly, kept immaculate and dust-free ideally behind glass , and compartmentalized according to his own internal systems. Virgo dads love to take a teaching role, and may not be the warmest or most affectionate with young children.

The Virgo Man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

A Virgo man is a boon to any workplace , where his intensely focused work ethic and exacting personality will ensure zero slacking or sloppiness in what he produces or achieves. With his analytical and critical thinking skills, Virgo tends to excel at problem-solving, planning, and organizing information. Left to their own devices, these men can be trusted to be efficient in their use of time and counted on to always strive toward perfection. These men are wizards when it comes to the kind of work that confounds most people, and they tend to develop expertise in unusual or specialized fields.

Often, Virgos are creative geniuses whose skillfulness borders on the work of eccentric savants. Fine craftsmanship is their forte, and they work well with their hands — taking a special delight in fixing things that are broken or refurbishing and retrofitting antique elements into more updated and practical uses.