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Chaitanya Bhagavata

As is further read from the horoscope, the Lords of the Dharma and Moksha are very strong as well, whereas the Lords of the Artha and Kama are seen weak due to its placement and disposition. In addition to the above, the support from the other planets in the chart also confirm and contribute further to the strong Spirituality which are as follows: a.

Ketu's close impact on most effective point of the 5th house of Jupiter further indicates that the Native is indeed a profoundly spiritualized Teacher, Master especially in the Bhakti aspect Cult. Further Ketu's impact on the 9th occupying by the 3rd Lord Venus signifies that the native would create the phenomenon of Spiritual entrepreneurship and distribute Love of Godhead freely.

Rahu's conjunction with the Ascendant Lord Sun in 7th h becomes the personality of the native. Even though Rahu influences the 3rd h of Kama owned by Venus, the natives' desire for Kama never erupted because of the strong presence of the influence of the Spiritual Planets. The aspect of 7th Lord Saturn signifying philosophical and religious thinking in the Spiritual realm on the Asdt.

The 9th Lord exalted Mars in 6th h gives the native lots of energy to face and overcome many Spiritual controversies and challenges.

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The 12th Lord Moon signifying Moksha occupies in the Asdt. Book Appointment. Blog Hindi Blog English Blog. Share on:.

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Sri Caitanya bhagavata, Adi khanda 03 - The Horoscope of Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu

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